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I have enjoyed drawing all of my life, and since I retired from dentistry, I have had more time to explore in the media of Pen and Ink and Watercolors.  I enjoy both mediums because of the ease of taking the supplies along wherever I go.  

I try to draw every day where ever I am.

Drawing and Painting, even quick sketches are very enjoyable and it offers a great sense of well-being.

Tom Ashbrook is known for Realism in his art work. The palette of colors he uses is influenced by his deep love of New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, where he lived for many years.  His work encompasses landscapes, plant life, seascapes, architecture and people.  In his seascapes and landscapes he captures the nuances of colors in the sea, the sky and hills.  All of his Pen and Ink work is Plein Air, as are most of his Watercolors.

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